The Relationship Management Program (RMP) ®

The Relationship Management Program has been carefully crafted and meticulously devised by Homi to help people connect with some fundamental threads of behavior that determine their success in both Personal and Professional life. The five and a half day Program of which he has run innumerable, helps, each one come to terms with himself or herself by understanding how his/her behavior impacts others and Corporate Results.

The program is a journey, one of self discovery which begins at the seminar hall on a Monday morning, and runs through till Saturday afternoon, and thereafter runs through the participant’s life. It begins with the simple definition of behavior as being everything one does every moment in life, moving on to show that behavior and therefore the person, is nothing but a product of the environment and one’s assumptions in interaction with the environment.

The Program challenges the participant to shed the cloak of self deception and recognize the need to change and raise the stakes which govern one’s behavior in order to overcome the barriers of deep rooted assumptions and non validated perceptions. Six Leadership Elements are identified as critical to behavioral change, where encouraging two-way Constructive Candid Critique is perhaps the most effective way to reducing levels of self deception that limit the effectiveness and soundness of one’s behavior in producing results.

Moving from shaping the Effective Individual to the Effective Team, the Program allows the participant to experience the importance of working in teams through a unique Experiential Learning Process, the Gestalt Method, and his unique story-telling mode. The Program recommends understanding behavioral styles from the prescribed classical text-book, The New Managerial Grid (Blake & Mouton).

Advocating Constructive Candid Critique as the cornerstone of building effective Relationships by uncovering self deception and learning to let the Ego Go, the program is facilitated by Homi with the true craft of a passionate drama artiste. Almost by remote, he sends the participants through a remarkable journey of self-discovery and encourages the participant to use Reflection, Realization and Insight in order to fully come to terms with one’s own behavioral blockers.

The Relationship Management Program, in sum, delivers, carefully studied fundamental Behavioral Competences and how they need to be demonstrated at work and at home in order to develop fluent competency in their deployment on a regular basis. These competences range from Dealing with People, Managing People’s Expectations of Performance, Communicating, Influencing People and Achieving Results. Practicing the learning from the program, using these competences can make the difference between complacency, a status of “happy mediocrity” and cutting edge performance and growth.

This as Homi would remind you can be achieved through a sense of “healthy paranoia” with the status-quo and a realization that continuous improvement can be mapped through critical constructive feedback instituted as a way of life.

The Program does not end on a Saturday afternoon. Homi has devised an ingenious range of follow up programs where one can also measure Relationship Quotients amongst team members who regularly work with each other. As he says, “we spend hours every day reviewing our Resources and Results, but give scant time and respect for Reviewing Relationships, which actually impact the bottom line.

The other Programs mentioned in the web, viz. MBR and Managerial Analytics then helps the Organization through a unique Organizational Development Process to use Sound Relationships to start directly impacting Results.

Program Goals:
Through a unique, Experiential Learning Process, you will learn:

• To understand the fundamentals of ‘Sound Behaviour’
• About the ‘Role Theory’ and how the different roles you play affect your behaviour
• About your own behaviour and its impact on others
• The impact of others' behaviour on you
• How to work with and delegate work within a team
• To measure team performance and understand the concept of efficient team-work and synergy
• To deliver and receive candid feedback
• How your and your team's behaviour has a direct impact on results
• Empathetic listening
• About words, and their impact on behaviour
• About the role of envy in team-work